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“A person as a moving body describes an ever-changing sequence of domains, associating herself with some more closely than with others. Surely personing is preferable to person- in the name of accuracy and in the name of tentativeness.”
‘Architectural Body’
Madeline Gins and Arakawa


Victorian wallpapers whoosh
Room, after room, and drapery.
Inside, clapboard dwelling
Armchairs, tufted and pearled
From rubbing sprout edges
They want to trip her.
Wounding stair wraps
Scarified walls, grooved
Roses and clocks catch
Fingers, guides through
Hall, passageway, corner
Around tables and chairs
Windows become guests.
We wait for them to leave
Longing to be elsewhere like
Hair or the glittered residue
Of celebration, drool, mashed
Banana without charm can’t
Count the times a floor
Becomes an ocean to the babe.
A forest of texture and shadow.
For the blind woman habituates
Its architecture, her finger
Tips dig wall furrows
Like the foreigner, a witness
Uninvited and forgotten.
A lingerer of edges.

Dried leaf fragments, pink, yellow
White Play-Doh crumbles white
Paper fragment, Candy wrapper,
Fuchsia paper scrap, 
Dust and debris.

Colored pencil shavings,
Lavender, orange, green,
Yellow, Blue, black,.
One dime, dog collar,
Dirt, debris

Dried leaf, popcorn.
Dog and cat hair,
Small pieces of reed.
Dust, dried leaf, straw
Piece of yellow yarn.

Reed fragments, dog hair,
Sticker, gravel, straw
Pieces, dust and debris.
Christmas ribbon, dried leaves,
Matchstick, kids sticker page,

Old valentine, dog hair, debris,
Corn chip. Dried leaves, white
Tissue paper, Dust, debris.
Pinkish cloth fragment,
Leaf debris, dirt, straw

Turquoise paper with writing,
People hair, dog and cat hair,
Candy wrapper, shiny gold thing.
Blue shiny cellophane moon,
Red strip of pop caps,

Paper pieces, Animal hair, 
dirt, dried leaf pieces, polyester 
Fiber, Rust-colored thread,
White petals from artificial 

Empty watermelon lip-gloss
Container, orange magnetic
Number seven, dirt, animal hair,
Nylon rope section. Dryer sheet,
Dirt, straw, animal hair, debris, 

Torn white paper, Trident gum 
wrapper, gray foam fragment, 
red paper, red and purple drawing,
Note written by A. that says:
‘This is its fire.’

A dime, dried straw,
Pink red Play-Doh,
Gravel, dirt, and debris.
Reed fragments, dog, cat,
People hair.

A piece of a paper town,
 dry dog food, cloth,
fragment of handwritten
Phone message that said:
Sal Masi and Ann’s son died.
Viewing Wednesday the seventh.

Dirt, gravel, more straw,
Dog and cat hair, bright red
Orange and purple wrapping
Paper fragment, small white 
toy plastic fork, dried leaves

Dog, cat, and people hair,
Dirt, debris, dust, white plastic 
and aluminum seal,
Blue plastic bag fragment
Yellow paper clip,
Plastic knife, dog and cat hair,
Red plastic thing, green plastic thing,
STYRAFOAM fragment, green toothpick,
Piece of Band-Aid, Piece of sugar 
Decoration from birthday cake. 

***This poem emerged as part of an 'action'. The parameters of the action were as follows: Whenever it occurred to me, after sweeping the floors in our home, I'd put the contents of my dustpan into a Ziploc bag, seal it, and toss it into a cardboard box. Sometimes, after examining the day’s residue, I’d make a notation about the day on a scrap of paper and place it into the Ziploc bag before sealing it.  In 2005 this action became an Installation entitled: Houseworks: A Chronicle of the Small", and was exhibited at the Allen Memorial Art Museum in Oberlin, Ohio

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